Boostane Professional octane booster

BOOSTane Professional is formulated to increase octane levels all the way up to 116! This formula provides professional racers and racing enthusiasts a safe and convenient alternative to expensive and cumbersome racing fuel.

  • HIGHER Compression Engines
  • Proprietary chelated carrier
  • Anti-corrosion against ethanol
  • Cleaning agents
  • Anti-carbon build up
  • Does not contain lead: 100% legal in European race tracks!

We tested this octane booster on Paltek Dyno at Kemijärvi Finland, and the results were impressive!

We added only 1 desiliter of Boostane Professional to 10 liters of 98oct gas, and we were able to get the same or better results than with Aspen+ race gas that we had in comparison!

Why to buy expensive race gas which is hard to get, with Boostane Professional you will save money and effort. Available in Europe trough DRT dealers!


Available in 0,95 liter (32oz) or 22,74 liter (5 gallons) packakings


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