Precision EFI Stage3M 280hp

The Stage 3 adds 80hp over stock configuration. It’s the ultimate performance flash using stock map sensor and injectors. With this flash, you will get every single horsepower the stock system can deliver safely. This stage is perfect for mountain and high altitude. this mountain stage 3 has been tested in colorado at more than 11 000 ft and is made to run on 91 octane. you will need to install a free flowing 2.5” exhaust system and primary clutch weights are a must.

The Precision EFI knock system is include in all our reflash.

The stage 3m is available to be installed by any of our dealer, just bring your snowmobile or ecu and they will upgrade it.

This reflash fits all 2017 & up 998 turbo engine

– Arctic Cat 9000 series ( ZR9000 , M9000, XF 9000, Thundercat )

– Yamaha Sidewinder  –  SRX / L-TX / M-TX / X-TX / B-TX

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