GBoost BAD ASS EX belt Yamaha Sidewinder & Viper

Gboost BAD ASS EX belt for Yamaha Sidewinder and Viper


  • Ultra-strong Aramid Fiber cord that can handle/carry more than 10,000 pounds of tension without stretching or breaking.
  • Higher strength compared to OEM and aftermarket drive belts.
  • EX belts have been developed with a high-temperature compound called DUMAX for added strength, flexibility, and heat resistance which in turn means you can squeeze our belts a lot harder for more tuning possibilities and less slippage.
  • Maximum under-cord stiffness allows the belt to flex for rotational efficiency and running cooler temperatures
  • Built for high temps, extreme abuse, and excessive shock load

When it comes to the GBoost drive belts, we do not accept inferior products. If we take it to market it will be as good as or in most cases, better than OEM!

When an OEM goes to a belt manufacturer, the level of quality is directly related to their budget on that particular part. When we design belts, cost is the last thing we discuss. We are more concerned about using the highest quality compounds and latest technology / engineering possible. Price is secondary. GBoost products are of the highest quality and we strive to raise the bar whenever possible!

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