M9000 and ZR9000 / Thundercat

The Stage 1 adds 30hp to your snowmobile without changing any parts.

With the Stage 1 we have almost doubled the throttle response while improving fuel economy.





The Stage 2 adds 50hp over stock configuration.

With the increase in boost pressure, the Stage 2 will work with our Precision EFI or any 2.5’’ free flowing exhaust system.

It will transform your snowmobile into a real beast!

The throttle response of this reflash is just insane and it will perform perfectly in any condition.

We highly recommend to change the gear ratio with this flash for top speed and heavier weights in the primary clutch are a must!








The Stage 3 adds 80hp over stock configuration.

It’s the ultimate performance flash using stock map sensor and injectors.

With this flash, you will get every single horsepower the stock system can deliver safely.

Like our Stage 2 flash, you will need to install a free flowing 2.5” exhaust system and

primary clutch weights are a must.

We highly suggest longer gear ratio and strong arms to hold the handles!



Add 20-80hp and Launch control to your snowmobile!


Stage 1,2 and 3 plus and economy map.

This is a fully software integrated solution, no hardware required except a free flowing exhaust or our variable exhaust.

We also have a fully adjustable launch control included (Ajustable via the factory dash).

This product requires the Dash upgrade to control the selection of map included and adjust the Launch control.



The Stage 4 adds 120hp over stock configuration.

This is made only in limited units.


Multimap and all stage 1 2 3 4 is available to be install by any of our dealer near you , just bring your ecu and they will upgrade it.


for more info check out www.RIDEPRECISION.COM